A Summary of Recent Guidelines on Bipolar Disorder

In the 2020 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders, the mood disorders committee led an extensive review of available literature to create evidence-based recommendations that are centered around the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines. The recommendations for the management and diagnosis of bipolar disorder are a collaboration of international expert insight in the field of bipolar disorder. They address the acute phases of the disorder and its long-term management. Each phase has an outline of actions and strategies that include lifestyle changes, examples, psychoeducation, psychological interventions, and choices of pharmacotherapy and alternative methods to mange acute symptoms or sustain mood stability. There are also recommendations for the use of electroconvulsive therapy for each acute phase. The summary is meant for anyone who manages those with bipolar disorder.

Reference: Malhi GS, Bell E, Boyce P, et al. The 2020 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders: Bipolar disorder summary. Bipolar Disord. 2020;22(8):805-821. doi:10.1111/bdi.13036

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