Does Fish Oil Help Bipolar Disorder Management?

According to researchers, fish oil may aid in managing symptoms of certain mental health conditions that include bipolar disorder due to its anti-inflammatory mechanisms and omega-3 fatty acids. A 2017 study found that omega-3 fatty acids may function by itself or with adjunct treatment to aid those with major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. A case study also showed that a young girl with bipolar disorder was able to have a considerable and sustained improvement in manic, psychosis, and depressive symptoms when using 2 years of omega-3 supplementation. Results are mixed on the benefit for easing depressive symptoms in adolescents, but has shown safe and well-tolerated results, as well as being rated highly by mental health professionals for bettering global symptoms.

Reference: Can Fish Oil Help Manage Bipolar Disorder? PsychCentral. Updated July 13, 2021. Accessed August 8, 2022.

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